Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bring on the Fun

Three weeks into school and we are figuring out what is working, what needs tweaking, establishing new things, throwin' out what isn't working, celebrating great days, and fine tuning our schedule. I am blessed to be walking in this calling on my life as my children's teacher! I love it, and love how it is changing me. Here's a look at some great things we have been incorporating this year.

For Graysen's birthday, he received the Tag Interactive World Mag, which is a great way to extend his learning of Geography. It has two sides of fun one being a physical map where there are animals, landmarks, kids from around the world, and the other side being the political map where there are the countries. This fun way to learn has games, quizzes, information even for Gwyneth who is learning pre K concepts.

As we continue our efforts to make learning fun, I am happy to say if you have a tag reader, this is worth the investment.

Pre K:

I saw this on a blog 1+1+1=1 - to use clothespins for fine motor skills enhancement. When Graysen is needing one on one time with a certain subject like math, Gwyneth and Carter are usually busy working on simple "centers" like this. We also spend time sorting blocks for color recognition, sorting by shapes, using tweezers to transfer pom poms, beads in little ramekins or muffin tins.

Art and learning:
Below I found on a really neat website called Art Projects for Kids, and I just love this site, it's free, educational, and has tons of ideas for art projects for my kids. Below we did a suggested art creation using lines. I started by explaining how lines can create tons of images, drawing shapes, patterns on the white erase board as an example. Next we cut some strips of construction paper, let the kids create any pattern using only lines, and then glued them on a black piece of construction paper. It was a success.

Artistic Prayers:
Everyday we pray. We pray for our day, give thanks/praise, pray our needs, people we love and those in need. Recently, I have thought a good way to visualize our prayers is to color or draw them out. We will put them in a special folder and go through them every once in awhile. We don't do this everyday, but its a great way for kids to be creative and see their petition of prayers to God. Below on the far left of the picture is Gwyneth's prayer for the people affected by the fires. Her illustration is for protection. Graysen's illustration is for those who need new homes, safety, food to be provided, safety for animals(birds).

{another great idea is creating the weather on paper as well, using paint, or markers, pom-poms, glitter, illustrating the weather for the day or week}

Fun/PE: Chase chickens.Not always do we chase the chickens. We don't want to give them a heart attack.

As we get further into our year, my prayer is to be holy spirit driven, using a schedule as a tool for order for our day. Everyday isn't going to always go as scheduled. But it is important to have some what of a guide/routine for the day. I do not want an excuse to be lazy, I just do not want to be governed by pressure where I loose sight of how God is working in my families life through home schooling.

Thank you Father God for the direction you are guiding our family. I praise your HOLY, name for all your goodness, love, and faithfulness. You are the Rock I stand upon! In Jesus' name, Amen!


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