Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sea World Home School Day

Last Thursday we spent a super fun day at Sea World. The park hosted an educational Field Experience for home schoolers. We went on a self guided tour exploring about marine animals, their habitats; visiting the Coral Reef Aquarium, Shark Encounter, and Penguin Encounter. We were able to feed the dolphins, and have at look some Alligators. Sea World also had two educational presentations on sea lions, and the other on beluga whales, and dolphins.

Graysen really enjoyed this presentation, mostly the part where the hosts talked about how they trained the sea lions; he came home trying to simultaneously train our dog Gigi to shake, roll over, and speak.

Smile cute little ones! We were able to share this day with friends starting at the left there is Paige-the cute little tomboy with no fear, my Gwynni, Reese-the sweet quiet one, Penny-adorable miss sassy pants, my Beetle, and Hailey-the intellect(she was the assistant map guide, and schooled me on chicken pecking order). The children really enjoyed the day.

"Feed me I'm hungry!"- signed aggressive hungry Dolphin trying to flip out of the contained area-kinda freaking Graysen out...and myself.
What's funny was Penny who was super brave and giggled at the dolphins while they snapped for the fish!

Family picture snapped in the forbidden area. haha.

Loved the penguins! We saw some baby chick penguins too. Each part we visited was perfect timing, for it was feeding time. So the children were able to see the penguins dive and look like flying birds under water as they ate their fish. The Coral Reef, was neat too, because a diver was hand feeding the tropical fish and sting rays. It was indeed fascinating.

The Beluga whale presentation was the last event of our busy day. I thoroughly enjoyed how each show, the divers(hosts of the show) would tell the children things they would do to train the marine animals, facts about them, and demonstrate fun tricks. One of the hosts said something I appreciated, he said, "The World is your textbook!" Yes! I wanted to stand and shout an "AMEN." This day was superb!!

I am blessed. I love the freedom we have in home schooling our children, nurturing their specific learning style, and cultivating their learning through life experience. It is the BEST!


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