Monday, October 31, 2011

Bawk, Bawk-Chicken Stock

Oh the joys of trying new things.

A few weeks ago we went to Fresh Pastures Farms with our home school group. It was a great trip where the kids were able to see how their polyface farming works.
I loved watching my kids run free on this big farm. Excites me for our family's future. I know farm living ain't all peachy, there's hard work involved; but I look fwd to my 'chitlins' running free on our own land. Right now, we just love raising our chickens.

Back to the story...So at Fresh Pasture Farm they organically raise turkeys, goats, cows, pigs, and chickens. On FPF's they slaughter their chickens, which we were able to have a look at their equipment, where they do it, and where they store the chicken to sell.
At the end of our tour we wanted to buy some eggs and such from the farm. I was so giddy up about the whole experience I was persuaded to buy a chicken "head and feet" pack to make my own organic chicken stock. Boy Howdy, I sure didn't know what the heck I was thinkin'. Brie made it sound so nutritious and scrumptious, I had to get on the stock makin' bandwagon.

The pictures below are when I first bought the head/feet pack, and Made Graysen hold the package. Ha. Had some good laughs about that one. Gwynni had a turn, and then of course rewarded their obedient behavior with suckers.

Folks- I made chicken stock today. Threw carrots, parsley, onions, celery, bay leaf, the chicken parts in a big stock pot and let it boil.

It was very weird cutting chicken nails off of chicken feet that somewhat resemble human hands. Oh wait, the floating chicken heads was a nice touch. But heya. I have chicken stock loaded with nutritional value. Heh. Such a fitting activity(as a certain someone called it witches brew) on ol' Halloween day.

I was so mature about this, I even let my kids see a cooked chicken head(or kinda put it in their face) they were not freaked. Darn. Ahh fun times.
Brings me back to the good ol' days when my Momma Dora gave me a pair of gooey pig eyes(puerto rican tradition to roast pig) on Christmas Eve, which she cunningly lured me to her; leading me to think I was getting an early present. As If! Ooh fun memories.

We now have some scrumptious stock to add the best flava to soup! Mmm mmm good. Happy 31st!



  1. Oh wow. Could not make out the floating heads until I made the picture larger. Soup that looks back at you. Aiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!


  2. Ok wait, also must comment that on the "trimming the toes" part:

    Dear Lord.

    (that's it. that's my comment)