Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sewing Pumpkin Love

Justin gave me a sewing machine for my birthday this year which I was so excited about. He is the best! Took me awhile to open it because the machine intimated me. After Merry helped me get a bobbin done, walked me through threading my machine; I went town sewing. I am pretty proud of my first efforts. I told Justin I am turning into a old fashion pioneer lady with makin' chicken stock (after cutting chicken nails off- I would say I am definitely not mainstream), and sewing. I can't wait to cloth diaper! Weeee!

My first sewing projects were making a #1 pumpkin birthday shirt for little Olivia. I ended up making two because the first (#1 white) shirt was

The other 2 shirts are for her cousins.

*rule of thumb when making any shirt* which I learned from my hubby who runs a tshirt business: any art or application u print or sew, you use 2-3 finger (child) from collar (center of shirt) to measure where to place art. Use 3-4 fingers for adult. This way, the art isn't starting by someones belly button. :) --Just a little tid bit for all you sewers/crafters out there.

This was my first headband. I decided it was big. So I took off 2 flowers, and the one Gwyneth is wearing is how it looks now. Better.

Her outfit is complete with leggings, tutu, and the headband Gwyneth is modeling.
I cannot wait to see Olivia dressed up. Tomorrow is her birthday which she happens to share with my Husby. Aww! Happy Birthday Olivia! Muah!


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