Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rain, Rain, Come Again

These pictures remind me how thankful I am to spend everyday with my children.

They both wanted to sit and watch the rain and eat their lunch. So they did just that.
God uses my Dumplings teach me as much as I teach them. Getting my lunch ready looking over to see they were already at the door eating and chatting, reminded me to appreciate God's goodness- even on a rainy day.

God's beauty can be seen in all things. Sometimes sitting quietly and observing we can be open to recieve or "see" a blessing right in front of us. Today it was expanding the already teachable moment in progress as my little ones watched the rain pitter patter on the ground. I went with it and so we talked about weather, read The Magic School Bus adventure book about weather, and we even sat quietly listening to the birds singing their praises for the rain.

Today's TX shower was a much needed, and welcomed blessing!


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  1. They have a nice life--such a blessing to be able to be with our little ones every day :)