Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Turkey Kinda Day...Gobble, Gobble


Graysen's turkey

Gwynni's turkey

Carter's turkey

"Turkey BINGO!"

We studied about turkeys today. I found some information/pine cone craft on turkeys from enchantedlearning.com.

Did you know, adult male turkeys are called a tom? Female turkeys are called hens and young turkeys are called poults? I do know now!

We played turkey bingo, and made turkeys with google eyes, paper, traced out each of kids handprints, hot glue, and pine cones. They look great!!

It was a hearty turkey day, gobble,gobble.



  1. Love the turkeys! Good job guys! Look at Gigi--she is probably wondering where the "real" turkeys are ;)


  2. Thank you!
    Gigi. is. A. MESS!
    She is getting to where she doesn't care if chickens peck her face. She wags her tail and jumps around, and thinks it's play. Whadda I do? lol. sheesh.