Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Answered Prayer

We are Having A BABY!!!

For about three years I have wanted another baby. I wasn't sure when exactly when that desire was going to come to pass because the past two years dealing with the Type 1 Diabetes and all it's mental and physical work up and potential risks etc.

My children have wanted another sibling for quite some time, and usually the amount of added children spoken from them ranged between the numbers 4-6. I love the hearts of my little ones. Ha! Graysen (click his name for post inspired by his drawing) drew this picture in 2010 even before we voiced wanting to add to our family.

The desire to have another baby was intensified in the past year just being around the babies in the nursery at church and the babies in our homeschool group. Their chubby hands, sweet smiles, and cuddly hugs just set the fire ablaze. I love children, and my heart longed to grow another miracle. And now, it's my turn to do this for the third time!

During the summer we started praying and thanking God for our third baby. Our family came together and applied our faith to God's promises that we can have what we say-conforming our words to what God's word says we can have. Amen! I wondered how long it would take and also the factor of the T1 Diabetes and getting pregnant/timing etc. We gave it to God. Right before Thanksgiving, we found out the great news!

I am so thankful and blessed. I have always enjoyed being pregnant, and this time is no different. I was very sick while pregnant with Graysen, and not as sick but defiantly experience the morning sickness and such with Gwyneth. With baby #3, I am feeling great! No sickness! I know it's because our prayers during the summer, it is as we are saying. Glory to God!

We know this baby is a gift, and this pregnancy is also going to be best yet. We are due in the last week of July. I am just 8 weeks along.
Since this is baby #3 we are going to be surprised about the gender this time. Ohh!!! So fun! I just hope I don't figure out the gender with all the sonograms I will have. :) My son says boy, Gwyneth says girl, we do have a girl(no boy name yet) name and Justin and I don't care which gender the baby is. We just know we will have a healthy full term baby with no health complications for either baby or myself, and that is all that matters.
I did dream the baby is a girl and my Dr.'s appt last Friday the heartbeat read 176 bpm. But I have always said I knew my 3rd would be a boy...so we will see!!!!

I will be trying to document this experience as closely as I can, because after the Doctor's appt last Friday, this is going to be a journey that requires a lot of diligence and dedication.

We are blessed and thank God for his favor, goodness, love, provision, His word that frees us-grows, changes, challenges us, and shed light to what is already ours.
Thank you Father for another answered prayer.



  1. So very happy and excited about your new baby! Praying for that little one and for you every day :)


  2. Congratulations!!! What exciting news!
    I'm also looking forward to having another kiddo (possibly next year)... However, the daunting task of 6 months before conception of being near-normal-non-D A1Cs is daunting and intimidating me. I pray I have the courage and strength as you to be able to journey into baby love #2.

    Many best wishes to you and your family!!! So exciting!!