Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Half Year Home School Update

Here my son is practicing his reading!
Graysen reading

We are having a successful school year so far. The learning never stops on the kids end, and especially mine.

We started the year with a full schedule of things to tackle in the academic area. Since then there has been changes for sure.

Each day we start out with circle time where we go over the calender, days of the week, months, our address, phone numbers, time, ABC's, and bible devotional with the memory verse for the week. I have since added a number song, and sounds song for the alphabet. We end circle time with a prayer for the day. Once done with that Graysen either starts with Math or reading(phonics included). Graysen also has a journal where he practices handwriting, copy work(usually our memory verse, and click and read stories), and his full name/address/our phone numbers. Thursdays are library time where we restock on books and are apart of the story time. I wonder if Graysen is a bit too old for it, but he seems to enjoy it still. Story time is great for Gwyneth and Carter. Also we usually do a craft to go along with whatever we are learning mostly related to our bible devotion. The month of December we did Advent and used Truth in the Tinsel. In January we will finish up the fruit of the Spirit that we started in November, and then in February talk about the full Armor of God.

Another half of the year has passed and I feel great but am always in need of refining and more organizational skills for our school day. I feel accomplished but lacking in some key areas concerning schooling Graysen and Gwyneth. Mostly related to my laziness. ha. For real. But I am getting better so that's good!
We switched up our school day and dropped some learning in History, Grammer, and Science; focusing on Reading and Math. Thank God we don't have to go by any state mandated regulations with schooling. Graysen is 6 and Gwyneth will be 5 in May, and our desire is to nurture their learning with out pushing a bunch of stuff on them right away. No disrespect to public school families or homeschooling families that do more, but I don't want to bombard them with a bunch of other academic subjects when at 6 years old, to Justin and I, mastering reading and foundational Math paves the way for the other important subjects. Graysen is doing well in both areas but struggles to enjoy reading, and math. I get frustrated with all the phonic rules with the vowels and sound changes, and I know that's not easy for my son at times either. Ha! I guess that is natural being an active boy who wants to do something he wants instead. To me it seems more logical to add the other subjects in due time. I guess it's the other side of me questioning if I am doing enough only because of other people possible judgement. Maybe not. I care what other's think, but I don't. I am learning as I go too.

January we will begin again with our routine and slowly add read alouds that deal with History, and Science. I defiantly know one of the key elements to our day is organization, and consistency with a degree of flexibility. It's very important that we read as much as possible and goodness that can take up lots of time in itself. So, I am implementing a reading log, and incentives to motivate Graysen even more. READING, READING, READING!!!! Oh and Pinterest has given me tons of great free educational resources that I am just thankful for!
We are so blessed to be apart of a homeschooling group where we have had such a great first half year of fun and learning!!! We have made good friends and just love our Friday HGL fun days. I have learned things from my seasoned home schooling mama friends, and even the new home schooling mama's like me. It is awesome to exchange ideas, try new things, and just fellowship with like minded women on the same journey.

I actually think we are doing fine, but as most mothers are, we just want to be and do the best for our God given gifts. So even as I am imperfect, I am constantly reaching to be the best and obtain the most that God desires for myself as the mother to Graysen and Gwyneth. It's not always easy to make the changes we need too but the more I seek My Father, the easier everything else becomes--even my sometimes doubts as a second year home schooling mama! This journey is an incredible ministry to invest the best in my children. I am thankful for this blessing, even the days where I am in tears, the hard work where days can feel too loooong, or frustrated beyond words. It's worth all of it. The challenges are always opportunities to grow into a better teacher and mother, so I do embrace the journey entirely.

This next start to our continued year is going to be even better. I am thankful for my Husband who is supportive, and my fellow home schooling mama's/friends! God is good--ALL the TIME!

creative prayer expression for Rylynn.

My Loves !


Creativity captured by Graysen.


handwriting skills improving!


Thankful tree.

NO TV--get creative!

pumpkin ornaments.

Truth in Tinsel ornaments.

Jesus is the Light!


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