Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Love!

I am 10 weeks pregnant this week. Yay!! I read and reread almost everyday the progress of the blessing growing within my womb. 

My baby.

I think about this baby all the time. This is truly such a cherished time in our home. Everyone is so happy about our baby. Every week we update our dry erase board with how old baby is and how big. The kids really are so interested in our little kumquat(not idea what kind of fruit that is) and his/her stats. Gwyneth has recently starting tying babies around her waist-haha, walking around "with child." Graysen rubs my belly greeting our baby each day. Graysen drew this picture(of me pregnant with our baby "brother") the next day after we told them we were expecting our 3rd blessing. He is convinced we are having a boy.
 This is such an exciting time for our family. 

There have been cravings but nothing outrageous, mostly fried yumminess. Fried chicken, fried eggrolls, rice, eggs, fried catfish, and... salad. mmmmmmmm. I have to watch everything I eat and I can eat some fried foods...but not much. 

Since I have already had a significant amount of Doctors appts we have been able to see our baby 3x's. We saw our baby at 5 weeks, 8weeks where I saw the heartbeat and was overcome with emotion, and 9weeks(pictured). I will see the baby again at my next appt on the 20th. Getting to see the baby change over these few weeks is incredible. 
I feel great entering my 10th week, thankful for our baby love, and am just so thankful for today. 


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