Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pump It Up

A little over 10 weeks pregnant and tomorrow is a big day. I am getting an insulin pump.

I was not in the "right" A1C when I found out I was expecting. But it also had improved a lot (from Nov-Dec)since the last A1C. I am working on managing the diet daily. One thing is for sure I am certainly sensitive emotionally due to the pregnancy hormones. These changes are some what overwhelming. I try to control it all sometimes and sometimes its like I am on emotional overload.

The appointments are a lot. Seems every week I am in the Doctors office. I have decided to get the insulin pump. I believe this pump is a tool to be used to ensure more control over the glucose numbers. I will have a steady stream of insulin delivered throughout the day and I will have to test the glucose about 8x's a day. That is a lot of pokes...but with the pump I only change the site every 3 days soooo that's less pokes in that way.

Like I said, the last few weeks have been emotional for sure. Lots of happy moments but also the dedication and responsibility of doing everything I can because Diabetes risks has been a challenge.

The gentle Holy Spirit reminds me what the bible says about getting through trials: I stay in Faith Hebrews 10:23, I am not alone and already have victory Isaiah 41:10, I am strong Joel 3:10, MY strength comes from God Phil 2:13, Peace is mine Phil 4:6-7 , My soul praises the Lord Psalm 103:1-5, I must be armored up always Eph 6 :10-18, I am guarded and in peace as I keep my mind on Christ Isaiah 26:3.

I am strengthened another day when I start and end my day on God's word.

I am thankful for this day, my family, my baby, my friends and family.

This is just another step on the journey. Let's get this pump started.


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