Thursday, March 22, 2012

Half Way There: 20 weeks

3/22/12 This week I am 20 weeks which means I am halfway there! Our precious baby will be here soon!
I am going to update this post a little later...but wanted to share our pix! ;)

Update 3/27/12:
21 weeks today! Time has gone by quickly. I am very thankful for this precious time. My baby is flourishing and on track with everything. We are in such a beautiful season and I am just so thankful to my Father God and his many blessings and mostly his love for me.

Trials won't keep me down.
I have definitely had some trials along the first 20 weeks(mostly related to the medical demands from Doctors etc.) which I do not want to rehash. It is quite tiring having to go to the Doc every week to every two weeks. Diabetes is not an easy job to keep bridled. My A1c is at the best it's been in 2.5 years of managing the 'Betes from Hades'-- it's 6.3--that is averaging blood glucose of around 120. That is triumph and hard work . But it's still not good enough so I keep working.

Diabetes during pregnancy is complicated to put it politely. Without getting too detailed and throwing crazy words out, basically hormones and the placenta's natural job to want more sugar make the whole ordeal with managing blood glucose harder to control and keep stable. The body becomes more insulin resistant.  I have had the most challenging time sticking with the diet eating the recommended servings of protein/carbs, low carb meals, and eating every two hours. I tend to feel super guilty when I have a blood glucose reading that isn't in the target range. Thankfully, making some progress with my specialist, she made me feel somewhat better telling me it isn't about being guilty it's just making sure the pump is adjusted frequently enough to meet the fact that further into pregnancy the body becomes more insulin resistant. Whew. It has not been easy trying to balance everything on my plate AND grow a baby so I have been on a mission to simplify life even more. And that is good.

Building my Faith.
My faith has moved into a different place during this journey of my third pregnancy. I contended with so much and I refuse to allow the challenges to bring me down. God is so good. Recently hearing a teacher speak on things relating to my current circumstances and is relevant to everyone facing a trial is to always glorify God. How? By being in a state of thanksgiving. We glorify our Father by rejoicing, and remembering all he has already done. That truth gives me strength. Easily I can get caught up with the focusing on the negative but my God has changed me, my marriage, my family and I thank him. He has always been there and Will ALWAYS be there through any trial. So when I remind myself of his precious blessings, I have no fear, no worries, nothing because with my God: ALL things are possible(Matt19:26Mark 9:23, Mark 10:27,) I have already overcome because of Jesus( John16:33). Why fret? That is just the enemy trying to take my mind off my Savior who gives and is perfect peace. I receive God's best, and deny anything less. My words have power in the name of Jesus, and I am building my faith to exercise that to the fullest.

As I continue to grow this precious gift, I take joy and embrace that I feel my son's perfect little jabs and rolls. My children delight in feeling the baby's movement, my husband speaking sweet words to fill him up while in my womb, our precious time spent as a family praying together over our little bundle thanking God for what he has already done! How can I not be thankful for what is in front of me? I am abundantly blessed and His favor continues in all areas of our lives. Praise Jesus!


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  1. Had to check in on you! You look BEAUTIFUL! Skinny with a belly!