Friday, April 27, 2012

Life Cycle Learning: Butterflies

We began learning about life cycles back when I became pregnant. The kids are fascinated by the week by week changes our baby has made.
What better way to continue with the theme of life cycles than raising butterflies!?! In late March early April we started with painted lady caterpillars and the adventure only began there. It is interesting to watch the transformation of caterpillar to beautifully butterfly over a period of time.
To enhance our learning we read books, did crafts, and wrote down observations of the changes throughout the process.


Gwyneth hopes the butterfly lands on her, and so does Graysen. Carter is observing. :)
pretty painted lady!


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  1. It's funny - we learned about butterflies probably around the same time as you did....
    At our co-op, after reading a few books, coloring and painting, we took a white sheet to put it over one kid at a time, just like a cocoon, and then had them come out of it, just like the caterpillar in the book. They had such a blast.