Tuesday, May 29, 2012

30 weeks in..10 to go

For real. For real, for real. Ha.

I am 30 weeks pregnant. On the whole I feel good, this has been the best pregnancy yet! Although, last week I did have some back spasm attack which only lasted about a day; thank sweet baby Jesus! And I did wake up the other night with some indigestion and felt each step I took was a giant elephant thud to the ground. I do cry at the drop of a hat nowadays, finding I am having some Jekyll and Hyde episodes where I start to cry then hysterically laugh at my emotional outburst. JOY!
But I am so happy that I will chalk that as a ~rareeventthatwillnothappenoftenforthesakeofourfamily~ and focus on the fact time is drawing near to hold my Tytus. Last week I was able to see his face in 4D, I was overcome with joy. He has Graysen's chin, my lips, chubby cheeks and as of last week is 3 lbs. What a sweet baby face already.

Food staples in our home are: string cheese,carrots and ranch, whole wheat ritz crackers, tons of  Watermelon, omelets are favorites for everyone with greens, sweet tomatoes from our outside garden, and chocolate milk-the heavy thick ice cream tasting kind(This is a rare treat for me but must have for the fam). Also, I must get a Sonic Diet Limeade (tastes like sprite) anytime I am out and I love eating fried green tomato club sandwiches, or fried eggplant(bring on the avocado and bacon) sandwiches!

Moving on from my passion for food...

It is true the further in pregnancy the more insulin resistant the body becomes requiring lots more insulin. I am running into changing the insulin pod more frequently as my body seems to run through 200 units in two days. Crazy that when I eat one taco my body treats it like a slice of chocolate cake with a thick layer of frosting. I find myself wondering what the transition will look like after Tytus arrives with insulin requirements and such. Instead of finding myself worrying I just have to deal with that when I get there. I am still writing down food intake and recording pre/post meal numbers for my Doctor. No fun.  But...gotta do it and I will with a frequent attitude adjustment!

Since time is drawing near to meeting our 3rd blessing, I have been doing some prepping from the beginning. Spending time in God's word is priority, read a book on the Bradley Method, and reading about different women's birth stories.
The other day I was at the pool pretty much bawling my eyes out from reading a birth story and a woman sitting close by asked if I was OK, and what I was reading. I told her and she said, "oh, it's the pregnant cry." I sorta chuckled wondering if I should be offended or not. I surpressed the jekyll and hyde persona and let it go finishing a friendly conversation.
However the story of each birth is so beautiful I am moved to tears. I look forward to my third birthing experience, because I know it will be special for us.

 Each night I stretch and am practicing relaxation. Gardening helps because I am squatting and working my body's muscles. The kids and I dance to the wii game of Dance3, and now that its getting warmer, swimming. Although I wish I would have utilized my gym membership earlier for some exercise, at least I am using it now for swimming! Better late than never! I thought about getting a Doula, and even doing some Bradley classes but the end decision was no. When I see my OB tomorrow, I look forward to discussing my birth plan with him and do whatever I need to for hospital professionals to know my wishes. I am confident things will be work out the way we have believed they would from the beginning, in Jesus name! Now it's just time to set things up for Tytus' arrival. I am blessed because my OB is the sweetest, and his nurse Deb is a good friend of mine-and she happens to go to the same church. Just as Deb said when I switched back to them, "light and easy" Matthew 11:30 and indeed it has been. It's the home stretch!

So there it is, 30 weeks in, 10 to go!!

Happy,Thankful, and Praising Jesus for all things good,

30 weeks...my shirt that Justin made me is officially too small!

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  1. My grandaughter, Gracelynn, once asked me what a turtle says. At a loss for the sound a turtle makes, I replied, "Well, he says 'Keep walkin' ". Much like the turtle shell, you in the WORD and the WORD in you says, KEEP WALKIN'! It is a delight to read of your journey!