Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Daddy's Love

Gwyneth and Aunt Jill
Justin wanted to do something special for our Gwynni's 5th birthday. So he set up a special day just for him and her.
Daddy took his Gwynni for a lunch date and beauty day at his sister's salon today. Her time there included getting her hair done, makeup, her nails and toes painted. To her it is such a treat to wear makeup, as it should be for a 5 year old! She was so excited for her date.

The sweet motive behind the day just melts my heart. My husband is a great father. I love him, for who he is, and what he gives to our family daily. I pray and thank God for continued wisdom, and blessings over him.
When I was a little girl I loved my Daddy so much. He was my favorite person in the whole world. I could relate to knowing she was thrilled to spend one on one time with her Daddy and felt incredibly special.

This act of Love reminds me of the greater Love our Father in heaven has for each of us as His children 1John 4:19 . Our Father God dotes on us in a even greater way. We can hardly compare our love to the love our Creator has for us. But as a parent we have a slice of what love looks like in our little mini me's. I look at my children, and without getting so detailed that I am lost in 1000 words, I would do anything for them.

My God loved me so much he gave me the greatest gift of all, His son given out of LOVE John 3:16 .
He did it for me. For You. My Father's Love is multi-demensional. Jesus touches every facet of my life; my God is so good, full of Grace, and mercy  John 14:27 . Just because he wants my heart. He freely without demand loves me John 10:10  and saved my life.

We strive to model these loving ways with our children. Although we are imperfect, we Love our children without fail to the best of our ability. Only through loving John 15:5 Jesus do we love our little gifts in a way pleasing to God. Sure, we can love but through Him it is magnified, and will be the best; better than our ability apart from him. Daily as we seek the King of Kings does the fruits of the spirit Gal 5:22-23 grow in us as parents to teach/show Proverbs 22:6 them what's the most important thing in the life.

Gwyneth will grow up experiencing a godly love from her father that will touch her life in many ways. I rejoice looking at these pictures and am filled with thanksgiving. There is nothing like a Daddy's love and even greater love in our God above! Jesus redeems the past, heals the broken, fills the empty to overflowing, restores, triumphs over the trials of life, freely gives Love and comfort, abundantly blesses, gives us a future beyond imgination and so much more. It's the greatest gift which I receive wholeheartedly!

Nothing You Won't Do by Dara Maclean, The Day That Love Was Born by Dara Maclean-This song is available on amazon, or itunes, there is a version to listen to on youtube as well.


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