Sunday, May 13, 2012

Garden 2012

These pix are from April 17th:

The garden is just beautiful. We have enjoyed Swiss chard, and mustard greens from the garden. Everything was growing great...and then...
Red potatoes are looking lush(far bottom left), tomatoes at the back, eggplant (right side), onions(right front)

The chickens attacked. They not only were flying over and into the garden at will, but dust bathing and snacking on the parsley, Swiss chard, greens, jalapeno peppers (hope it was HOT girls!),strawberries, cabbage, destroyed bell pepper plants(twice planted), and lemon herb.
So we have rigged it to where they haven't gotten in since a few days ago. Baaaad Birds. Bad!

These pix were taken a few days in May with my phone:

already harvesting sweet tomatoes!

Looking at the middle you can see where the chickens started to demolish the plants. If you see the bottom right, there is evidence of a dirt bath.

But the potatoes look good! Onions have partially survived. Since the last incident, I took out the root of swiss chard, and mustard greens. We press on.

With the recent rain, I expect the plants to take off even more.

Speaking of Chickens, they have been having baby fever. They are jealous of me. We have had 3 broody chickens, 2 australorps and our silkie were all tryin' to hatch unfertilized (no rooster, no baby chicks) eggs; laying without ceasing to get up for food or water. So we had to seclude each of them for a few days under a spot light until they snapped outta it. Those girls even messed up the others laying to where we were getting about 4 eggs a day instead of at least 7 out of 9 birds.
Now, everything seems to be back to normal. I am cautiously checking to make sure eggs don't stay in the nesting boxes for long to avoid another episode.

That's the Urban Farm update!


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