Friday, May 25, 2012

He Will Be Called...

We started off in this pregnancy not wanting to find out our baby's gender. Then we found out. So as we narrowed down names, we were NOT going to share his name until his birth to leave some element of surprise. So much for that notion too because today we share his name. We pray for and call him by his name already so why not share with everyone!?

As my husband and I prayed about what to name him, we wanted his name to be parallel with what this pregnancy represents, the part we played in faith, and how Jesus has been centered through it all. Our son's name had to represent the testimony of God's goodness, victory, prosperity, and mostly the love in our lives. Glory to Jesus the King of Kings!

Our baby boy will be called:

Tytus Imri Justice Simank

Tytus- giant, strength

Imri- My word spoken, my utterance

Justice- just, righteous

 Every time I call his name I am speaking strength, which I have had to have giant strength through this experience. Our family started praying together over this baby, thanking God for the coming blessing, speaking prosperity, health, soundness over our baby before he was conceived, Imri is what we spoken in Faith. We stand firm together that we have justice in Jesus' name, and have not moved by any of the negative possibilities; he is our little visual of the justice we have in Christ. Another neat thing is Justin's name means Justice. I am pumped about his name, because it is another testimony to share about God's love in our lives.

I still have 10 weeks left and I am excited because this beautiful experience isn't over yet. We have a blessing in our Tytus. He is already a joy, Tytus has helped bring our family together even more, and each of our faith in Jesus has grown. We love our Tytus Imri Justice. We look forward to meeting his precious face and introducing him to our friends and family!

Blessed beyond measure~


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