Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mothers Day Blessing

Brooke Fraser: Seeds
This song I dedicate to my children. It is my mission to disciple, nurture, love, be the godly example, giving them a legacy that continues to break chains and walk in the covenant blessing of our Creator! Even on the hard days I thank God because he is my strength, my portion when I am weak. I love my babies and embrace my calling as a Mother! I love you little ones.
God loves unconditionally, teaches gracefully, forgives immeasurably, and blesses continually. As I grow up in Him and abide in his goodness, I am just brought to my knees with praise for his unfailing mercy and love for me. My God is truly my El Shaddai meaning My Supply/My Enough.

This mothers day I would like to recognize the blessing about specific and influential women in my life. It is through abiding in my El Shaddai that things I once thought to be losses or voids unfilled are actually filled to overflowing Isaiah 61:3. My constant prayer is that He gives me eyes of understanding(Eph 1:16-20), renewed mind (Eph. 4:23), and ears to hear (Matt 13:9) what he is showing me that will bring me closer to Him, refine, mature, and shine my light to the amazing goodness of a God of LOVE! I am thankful.
As I prayed for my words to be saturated with truth, love, and honor over each of these women I was impressed to share two things specifically that each has given me and taught me. 
my mother
This is a dated picture of my mother. She is a beautiful woman, she always has been. She has always been one through many downfalls to get back on the road and keep walking. I admire her for this determination.

 "...God, who separated me from my mother's womb and called me through His grace, " Galatians 1:15
She has given me: Life. I honor the woman chosen to bring me into this world, and pray for her earnestly.
My mother has taught me that forgiveness starts within. I had choices as a young girl to hold tight to what my life was not, who wasn't what I yearned them to be; or to press on to what my life could be by letting go. I chose forgiveness, and because of the freedom forgiveness brings only sanctified through Jesus; my mother and I have a relationship that I do appreciate.
I love you and I thank you for the gift of life. Happy Mothers Day.

My Momma Dora

This woman was a gift. Dora means gift.
In the short time I knew her she impacted my life in such a way that I can attribute most of the woman I am to the seeds she planted in my life as a little girl. She has been in Heaven since May 12, 1995.
Dora gave me Love.
She taught me what love was all about.
My mama loved God and lived her life for Jesus. A favorite memory I cherish and actually the last time I saw her was when she was reading the Word of God. She planted godly seeds in my life.
Some favorite memories as a little girl were on the farm with her and my Dad. My life was full  as a child when she was here. She was the cord of strength that kept our family together.  A strong puerto rican woman who I have kept close in my heart all these years and am thankful for the gift I had in her!
I now sow the seeds she planted in my life in my children.
I love and miss you Mom, Happy Mothers Day! 
Tammi, Gwyneth, and I
 This is one woman who has been a rock in my life! I have bounced from home to home since I was 13. Tammi has given me one thing I needed as a young girl: Stability.
When I needed a home, Tammi and Bryce gave it to me. No matter the circumstance they stood strong that my home was with them. Believe me, as a young girl who struggled with finding my way in life I pressed the limits a few times; but they were always a stable place I could and still can rely on. I have a stable family because of the Coopers and for this I am forever grateful.

By example Tammi has taught me what steadfastness is. As I lived with them I always saw an inner(and outer) strength, loyalty, and firm dedication to whatever she either committed to or represented. She has always been a committed wife, mother, a kindhearted and compassionate woman who I greatly admire.

These are seeds that I vow to give to my children, stability, and a steadfast faith/way of living.

Tammi, I love and thank you for the gifts you have given that have helped shape me into the mother I long to be!

Happy Mothers Day.

Sweet Sue!  You have given me spiritual insight that every mother is to give.
 In Sue, I see a proverbs 31 woman who is a sweet, gracious, dedicated wife and mother who I admire greatly. A Titus 2 woman who has taught me what faith is.
I was a lost girl who received Jesus as my Savior in their church.
I thank you for the example you are, the faith filled woman of God, and spiritual mama you have been to me. I thank you for always being there for me as a friend, and mentor when I have needed a godly perspective on tough issues or just to rejoice with me. You Rock!

A blessing you are to many, and I thank God for You!! Happy Mothers Day.

Merry and I
Merry always so merry! You came immediately to mind as one I wanted to honor as an influential woman in my life.
I met this sweet woman only about a year ago at a local kids VBS hosted by her church. When we began chatting it was clear conversation was easy, and I found myself at her house a few days later learning how to make peach jam! We were two strangers who became instant life long friends.

Merry has given me friendship, much like  a mother/daughter relationship I have always longed for. She has taught me trust, and kindness in a way that I hope to model and fill for my children when they are adults. I am blessed to have yet another Titus 2 woman  of Faith in my life.
I am thankful for you Merry! I love you!

God is Love. He always wants to give abundantly more to each of us than we can imagine. He loves so deeply He sent his son so we could be reconciled with Him John 3:16. No matter what life we had or come from, he is in the business of Restoring and reconciling whats been lost, Healing the broken, giving peace that is an ever flowing spring of life Colossians 1:19-25.
I didn't have one mother raise me. For years I grieved for the mother I thought I wanted or needed.

 The more I grow up and experience life, I realize the absolute blessing I have had in each of these relationships that altogether represent what a mother is. It is through their impartation in my life I see the importance of my role to disciple my children and the seeds I want to plant in each of their lives. All good things come from God, for his unfailing goodness I praise my heavenly Father! 
I have not only a testimony of his loving faithfulness but to how beauty is brought out from ashes -Isaiah 61:3.

A blessed Daughter of the King,


  1. wow just so inspiring, its crazy how you never know plps background, ur such an awesome mommy to ur kiddos!!!

  2. that was the sweetest post. Amazing how God just provides, even when we don't ask him. He knows what we need! I know that you are loved by all the women that helped raise you to be the godly young woman you are.