Monday, May 28, 2012

Urban Farmer's Update

My dad extended the chicken coop so we wouldn't have frequent free range chicken poop land mines to step in. It seems to be working out well. The chicken lover in me wants to let them out though. We are working on establishing a good little dirt bath spot, and fixing the watering system for them.
I do grow tired of having to break broody chickens! It is crazy how many times we have had to lock the girls up. I have two this very moment in the broody box. The australorps are terriblely good at becoming broody.

The garden is growing beautifully. We are harvesting many small maters' and our red potatoes are doing good too. They are pictured at the bottom left of the picture. We did plant a blueberry bush in the middle of the garden. I have hopes it will do well. The eggplant plants are getting big and starting to flower. It shouldn't be much longer until we see some small fruit emerging. Our onions were a bust. We didn't plant those early enough.

It is hard to see from this phone picture the details of the tomato plants but they are massive! Instead of getting the tomato cages, which I should have done, I have been tying branches to bamboo sticks to support extensive growth. I snap off small branches from the bottom to ensure nutrients reach top of the plants. My parsely plant seems to be coming back slowly so yay for that!

I am entering the "I don't feel like it" part of pregnancy so pushing myself to maintain the health of the garden is an effort. I probably don't water enough but I hope to get a soaker with a timer in the coming weeks so my garden doesn't die when the TX heat wave comes through.

All in all, this is exactly what I envisioned my summer looking like as we wait for the arrival of Tytus. Relaxing,  family time, swimming, gardening, house projects. It's all a blessing!

So there it is, an update from our little sweet urban farm.


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