Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome To The 3rd Trimester Bebe!

This week I am exactly 7 months/28 weeks gestation! Whoa time flies. It seems like yesterday we found out and began the exciting journey of pregnancy once again.

It's time for an overview and update.

When my friend Lindsey was pregnant and would tell me how she managed "the type 1 diabetes", I was overwhelmed hearing all the commitment attached to it. I thought it would be too much work. My first two pregnancy's were without any challenges so this was going to be different. We wholeheartedly wanted another baby so the venture was worth "the thought" of the hard work. Boy howdy it's been a journey since then.

We started out with appts about twice a week, with tons of testing, sonograms, and a major diet change. I decided on an insulin pump to help regulate the sugars even more, and THAT adventure was overwhelming in the beginning. Talk about a tough trial + pregnancy hormone surges, yikes. I was so emotional and felt judged by the Doc's each sugar that wasn't in target range. I listened to Doc's advice but felt so vulnerable because I went into this not knowing the extent of the expectations and commitment involved in being "extremely high risk." Reporting daily sugars, treating lows, keeping a food log, testing about 10x's a day along with everything else has been...challenging. There were days I just felt it was all too much.

My faith was in for an overhaul through this process and it was still the beginning.

Starting this pregnancy I really wanted a midwife. Mostly because I want the most natural labor and delivery with as less medical intervention as possible. I didn't want the diabetes to keep me laboring in a bed, to dictate when my baby was born, or even how.  I was so hung up on having to have a midwife my mind was clouded and faith dampened when things were NOT light and easy.

I prayed for clarity and the Holy Spirit reminded me to put my faith in HIM only. With God ALL things are possible, it takes the faith of a mustard seed to move a mountain, and what we Believe we pray in line with what Gods word says, we will have it. My Faith was not to be founded on or solely in what medical professional treated me but by the faith in God through Jesus.

So that's what I have done, changed my perspective, just focused on the victory I already have in faith, and resting in my Savior. This pregnancy has been such a growth of faith, I am renewed and strengthened. With all things considered since then this experience has been light and easy! We switched to the OB who delivered my first two children, and just stayed with the newest (2nd one) specialist even though we had some issues and she wasn't the kindest initially. Praying not only over this pregnancy but also for the medical professionals involved has changed my experience for the better too. Again I am affirmed that when we do our part, God is always faithful to do what he says he will do!

Daily I have a lot of responsibility concerning keeping myself on track. My latest A1C is a 6 which is in target range(averaging blood glucose of 120 or so), but Doc's always want it lower. I do keep my mind set on things above, eyes on Jesus. I cannot imagine what this experience would look like if I carried it all by myself. I have also had some faithful people praying with and for me and for that I have been blessed.

Greatest part of the tons of Dr. appts is our baby is perfect! He moves all the time, and has the hiccups frequently. Besides some minor foot swelling that has now gone away, and my favorite pj pants (I have had since I was 16) ripping because I am inevitably getting larger...I am great. I love being pregnant. There is nothing sweeter than feeling my little gift rolling around in my womb. It is truly amazing. Since moving into the 3rd and final phase of pregnancy we start weekly bio physical testing where the amniotic fluid is measured, baby reflexes are monitored, growth, and heart rate are monitored. They tell me it is just procedure. It's all fine by me, because we get to see him! :)

So that's the update! We are extremely blessed and so thankful. God is so good!

baby boy at 24weeks

28 weeks

Blessed Mama of 3~



  1. We are just a few weeks ahead of you... this is so exciting. The last trimester brings so much joy and anticipation for the baby to finally meet the family.... I know I am looking forward to it.

    I can't imagine what it must be like to deal with the diabetes (but I do understand as 'our' pregnancy is not a 'normal' one either). So I am praying for you....

    Be blessed.

  2. What a great update :) You really are handling all of this like a pro and I know it's b/c The Lord is your strength. Taking care of you and baby is a full time job for you and you are doing a wonderful job at it.

    Can't believe that you are already beginning the third trimester. I hope the rest of the pregnancy flies by. 40 weeks is just around the corner ;)

  3. You're looking great! I just went on the pump yesterday (YAY!) in hopes to have a second baby. :-) With my first is when I developed my type1, so I was afraid of all the daunting restrictions, but I'd like to have a second... so I'm willing to go through it again. Hoping for 2013 baby. :-)
    Praying for you and baby 3!

  4. Thank you friends for your sweet words of support and encouragement. I appreciate it very much.
    40 weeks is around the corner- and I hope I don't get much bigger than I am. I don't wana rip another pair of pants! lol!

    Lindsey- Thank you!!! I am so excited for you! I will keep you in my prayers. The pump is definately more convienient and help with more stable numbers. I personally will not keep the pump much longer after our baby is here.
    I look fwd to hearing the good news when you are expecting! Blessings!

    For me this has been the best pregnancy yet!