Wednesday, June 27, 2012

34 weeks and counting

We have between about 5 weeks left before Tytus arrives. I am definitely nesting feeling like everything needs to be done now. 5 weeks will fly by and the to do list seems long.
I buy 2 of everything "just in case" we may need it; shampoo, hand soap, cleaning supplies, detergent, paper plates, mascara-you know the must haves.

This TX heat has me draggin. Sheesh. I gotta feed my chickens and tend to the chicken's garden. *Wendy you are right* This weather makes it tough to step a foot outside even to sit in pool water. I heard that a preggo woman naturally feels about 20• hotter than everyone else. Um yes I think so.

I pre registered at the hospital yesterday. It was nice to go in there and feel like this was one less thing I have to do. One step closer to holding our new bundle.

Even though I have experienced some heartburn, lack of comfortability, sensitivity to the max, and irritability...
I am happy and very thankful. I love my round belly. I love feeling my gift move around. He helps adjust my posture kicking me to sit up straighter, atta boy Ty Imri. Justin and the kids take time to talk to our baby. Gwynni addresses baby by his entire name when she talks to him. It is cute.

Doctor appts. have moved from every week to every week. No change there. Ha.

As of last sono he was measuring 5.6 lbs at week 33. I am aware that they aren't 100% accurate thank you Jesus!

So that's the latest scoop. God is good!
Happy and healthy are we waiting till the day we meet thee Tytus Imri!

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