Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Fun

We are enjoying our summer! Most days we spend swimming, hanging with friends, getting snowcones or sonic drinks and more swimming! My kiddies are waterbugs! I hope to make it to a few homeschool meetups before Tytus comes but I find myself wanting to sit more than walk these days.
School's NOT out for summer! Our school days are starting back up. We have taken about 3.5 weeks off for the first half of summer for vacation. Gwynni is officially joining us with school as a Kindergartener. She is eager and happy to do any workbook activities. I am in the process of getting binders organized and ready so when Tytus comes school will have a slight pause but still there will be things to do. Plus it's so hot right now, and when there is no reason to go outside we might as well be productive with learning! :0)
Here are some pix of some of our recent fun!
fun in the backyard
Upgrading in Kung Fu!
Jarrell won State in HS baseball! The pitcher is Mo, my brother from another mutha!
Swim fun with friends. Our kids were more excited to capture little bebe frogs than anything! And Jacob just snoozed in mama's arms.

a portion of the cousins on a day of swimming
grandpa and kids. I love how Graysen and my dad have their eyes closed!
we give God all the glory for our many blessings!

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