Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Vintage Baseball Shower for Tytus

This shower was so beautifully put together by my sweet Merry!
I am blessed to have such a loving, giving, effortless friendship with her. She and her great hubby Jim outdid themselves for us. We enjoyed ourselves greatly on this special day dedicated to celebrating Tytus' upcoming arrival.  We are thankful for their kindness and love.
Hamburgers and Hotdogs with a homerun bucket of chips on the side.
candy, crackerjax, and pickles on the free concession table!
each table had some unique decor
our family
Tytus Imri Justice, we celebrate your upcoming arrival!

dessert table complete with cakeballs, strawberry filled cupcakes, the other cupcakes were rum flavored
Merry took time out to make Tytus a onsie for each month 1-12
lifelong friends
lifelong friends
blessed by each of these people I love!
thankful for these special friends!

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