Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 37, Full Term

I have made successfully made it to the "full term" status of my pregnancy with Tytus. Although I know he needs a little more baking time, he is at a safe time to arrive if he so decided to hit the "times up" button in the oven.

What's new: I stopped seeing the Perinatologist a few weeks ago because I just didn't see the point anymore. I have the pump people who help manage and adjust the settings on the insulin pump, and my OB does the same bio physical tests as she did. At this point, I am happy to be free from an extra appt, and answering to an extra person every single week. Although I found out today I may get early discharge from pump people and ride out the remainder of pregnancy with OB. Heck yeah!
Sugars have actually started to steady out and I am proud of myself. It isn't an easy task to be dedicated and disciplined while maintaining a great attitude. I give myself a B+ for the overall effort.

Tytus Imri is still head down, and every time he is checked out by sono the Doc is impressed with his great reflexes and breathing mimicking. He is perfectly and wonderfully made! 

This pregnancy has been wonderful and even in this last stage I will soon miss feeling my son roll around, kick and jab inside my womb. I do enjoy being pregnant. Justin will rub my back or feet at times, and the kids will take turns tickling my large mound of a baby bump. Ty seems to respond to belly tickling, I assume because I am relaxed.  It's been such a delight to house and grow this baby. Time has gone by fast. I don't feel like things have slowed down any from the beginning, probably because of the tons of appts and other responsibilities. I just want time to slow once he arrives.

 A new season is fast approaching and I daydream about how awesome it will be to cuddle, explore every part of his beauty the first time I hold him and each day after. This mama will be so enthralled with him that I am sure he will spend hardly any time out of my arms as he grows.  I won't want to put him down much but I do have to share with Daddy, and kiddies occasionally. Tytus is so loved already we talk about how many kisses and sweet hugs he will receive.

We are defiantly on the count down to baby. Everything is pretty much prepped for his debut. His clothes, baby car seat, bed, swing, bouncy have all been washed and are ready for use! I am defiantly like a broody mama hen, I don't want my nest messed with and I get my feathers all ruffled if anything is out of place. Thankfully when I find I have been a little too demanding or emotional, My God, Justin, and the kids have been graciously forgiving. Pregnancy is not an excuse to act any way I feel like acting.
Still! DON'T mess with my nest. Please, and thank you. See, I am a nice mama hen.
We are happy, and now just waiting for the big day! Happy 37th weeks to us! Come anytime after next Tuesday wait. maybe next Wednesday, Thank you little man, mama loves you!

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