Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Two Month Review

Tytus (insert dreamy gaze and love sigh).
Our newest love muffin is already two months old. It's hard to explain how thankful I am for him, how thankful we all are.
Also, its hard to convey just how smitten we are. I can say, daily I take pictures, shower him with kisses(sometimes until he has had enough and gives a cry to stop;) I hold him just to hold his cuddly body to mine. I don't mind waking up at night to care for him. He is such a joy. My other two little loves just adore their brother. They will be occupied with playing but make a quick stop just to kiss his hand or foot and say I love you. Imri is truly a gift from God! I love the baby stage oh so much. Looking at him, spending countless hours nursing, talking oogly baby talk to him reminds me of how much I enjoyed and miss my other two at this stage. Time does go by quickly. At his checkup he weighed 15.13lbs, and is 24inches long. He is wearing 6months and some 6-9 month clothing. Whoot! My aching arms! ;)

Things are starting to feel more adjusted around here since Ty Imri joined us. We are finding our way slowly but surely. Still I find I am reluctant to go many places because I think he may want to nurse, or the carrier is just plain heavy, or he just wants me to cuddle him. It's been sometime since my last baby and starting all over again with newborn needs well...takes time to adjust.
After all, nursing takes a lot of time so I have to find other ways to get other important things done. Finding a new rhythm for the other important commitments with my health, schooling, being a good wife and mother to two other children takes time and has been a little overwhelming. It's all ok though because in the midst of change, and trying to balance everything, I feel Full. We are blessed. Everyday is a new day to embrace and dwell on the goodness of God.

I realize as many hats I am learning to wear, I tell myself must be doing something right because God reminds me I am loved everyday through my children. He answered our prayers giving us a healthy, beautiful baby so I know all the other things will fall into place in due time. So I rest in and embrace the new season, with thanksgiving.

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