Monday, November 5, 2012

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart

This is an easy post to write about. I try to live each day in thanksgiving. Everyday as a family we thank our God for his many blessings.

I am thankful for my God who loves me unconditionally. No matter the circumstance he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His love gave me Jesus. Sweet Jesus who gives me hope, is the Healer, lifts me up when I down, my provider, my friend, who hears me, is the missing piece that makes me whole, loves the ulgy me with so much Grace that I am a sold-out-forever-follower for the Kingdom of God! Whatever I face in this life at times of unceratainty, I know I already have the victory because Jesus overcame the world. I appreciate the Word because it updates itself, reveals more truth, changes and renews my mind, and has every answer I need to apply for all situations of trial in life.
God is always the reason for all great things I am thankful for.

It is hard for me to understand how people reject the truest Love?!?

Speaking of more blessings, I am thankful for my family.

Justin and I didn't have an "All American" upbringing. To make it quite short, oldest of 6, I came from a dysfunctional, abusive childhood who eventually was orphaned, bouncing from home to home since the age 13, finally landing with the most stable family at almost 17 years old.

Justin came from a huge family of 8 not counting 3 step siblings, and 2 older half siblings he has never that makes 14?!  Yeah we dont live in the 50's but we say we are the new age old skool family with all our siblings. He also came from a broken family where he lived with his father who tried his best but needed to work a lot to provide for the family.

Needless to say, neither one of us were taught how to be spouses or parents. We have been learning as we go. Still learning Praise God!
As we have been getting teaching straight from the Bible; our lives have been changing for the best. We are better parents and our marriage changed and continues to change. When it comes to what matters most after God, it's my family. For all the things He's done and continues to do, I give him praise. I am excited to see where he continues to take my family and I.



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